Commercial Fuelcard from Applegreen

Value and convenience at over 200 sites nationwide

Low Fuel Card
More benefits • More locations • More convenient

Our Commercial Fuelcard

The most competitive and consistently priced fuel card on the market. Your Commercial Fuelcard can be used at any Applegreen outlet nationwide, where all fuels are guaranteed to be 100% traceable, from port to pump.

Features & Benefits

Your ticket, to value and convenience at over 200 sites nationwide

  • LowFuelCard is suitable for all commercial fleets, large and small – cars, vans or trucks.
  • LowFuelCard gives you access to over 200 Applegreen sites nationwide, with excellent service, facilities and convenience.
  • LowFuelCard means competitive, consistent pricing.
  • LowFuelCard comes with a dedicated account and customer service team.
  • LowFuelCard’s online portal means easy account management and reporting.
  • LowFuelCard offers a faster turnaround than any other card on the market.
  • LowFuelCard integrates with all major fleet tracking providers.
  • All Applegreen fuels are guaranteed 100% traceable, from port to pump.
How It Works


How do Applegreen fuel cards work?

Our Fuel cards work by allowing you to fill up at Applegreen stations across the country, instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards, saving you the hassle of gathering up receipts. The company employee simply inserts the card and enters the pin, then the company is billed directly.

The price is based on a fixed weekly price which you receive by text or email, and is the same on all Applegreen sites nationwide.

Are there any additional charges involved?

There are no additional charges involved with our card. You only pay for what you pump.

Is the fixed weekly price the same on all Applegreen sites?

Yes, the weekly price you receive is the same price on Applegreen sites nationwide. There is no core-non core pricing structure meaning your invoices are easy to read.

How am I invoiced?

You will have access to your very own online portal that will show all transactions on an itemized invoice for you to make sure everything is easily accessible. Invoices are also sent by email.

Who can apply for a fuel card?

Any Commercial business can apply for a fuel card.

LowFuelCard is brought to you by Applegreen, the largest Irish-owned forecourt network, giving you value at over 556 outlets across
the island of Ireland, the UK and USA, employing 11,500 - as of July 2021.